Dr. Jacqueline Michel is an internationally recognized expert in oil and hazardous materials spill response and assessment with a primary focus in the areas of oil fates and effects, non-floating oils, shoreline cleanup, alternative response technologies, and natural resource damage assessment.One of the original founders of RPI, which started in 1977, she now serves at the company President.


“What a wonderful book on coastal geology – written in a style that everyone can understand. It is a perfect mix of photographs, diagrams, and clear explanations. Best book on this subject I have ever seen anywhere!”

                                                    RUDY MANKE, Naturalist

“To see is not necessarily to observe. Most residents of the Palmetto State’s coastline are relatively familiar with the general features of its geography and the flora and fauna it supports. But unless one’s beach house is in danger of sliding into the Deep, do we realize how dynamic a system governs its contours? Miles O. Hayes and Jacqueline Michel do. And the husband-and-wife team of coastal geologists is keen to share the expertise in “A Coast for All Seasons: A Naturalist’s Guide to the Coast of South Carolina,” a comprehensive, general-readership book that gives equal emphasis to science and recreation.”

                                                      BILL THOMPSON, book reviewer, Post and Courier

” Each ripple and burrow on the beach has a story to tell, but too few of us are literate enough to read that story. The book does not take things too seriously. It is not a “the-end-is-near” tome predicting that we will sink into the sea. ”

                                                      DAVID LAUDERDALEThe Island Packet

a coast for all seasons

by Miles O. Hayes & Jacqueline Michel

2008, 288 pages
isbn-13: 978-0981661803
Trade Paperback
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A coast for all seasons

by Miles o. hayes & jacqueline michel

Explore the marvels of the South Carolina coast through the eyes of two gifted coastal geologists. Miles O. Hayes and Jacqueline Michel take their exceptional understanding of the Carolina coast with its barrier islands, estuaries and bays, and, offer rare insights into this beautiful, and, sometimes, treacherous world.

Illustrations, photographs and satellite imagery enhance a narrative that presents hard science and makes it accessible and very human. This is a book that investigates the changing face of the coastline through erosion, hurricanes and climate change. This is a book that matters.

Dr. Miles O. Hayes is a coastal geomorphologist with more than 50 years of research experience. He has authored more than 250 articles and reports and three books on numerous topics relating to tidal hydraulics, river morphology and processes, beach erosion, barrier island morphology, oil pollution, and petroleum exploration. He is Chairman of the Board of Research Planning, Inc. (RPI), a science technology company located in Columbia, S.C.

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