He was. And is.

Torbourg davern


When Torborg moved to Charleston from New York City where she worked for nearly a decade as a member of the children’s design team at HarperCollins Publishers, she contacted JBP to see if we needed a designer. If her impressive portfolio weren’t enough to attract our attention, her most curious of names certainly did. She is a true graphic artist, with a flair for rendering illustrations by hand, and an uncanny ability to crank out a plethora of compositions on her trusty Mac.

She studied communication design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, N.Y., and worked for AFG, an advertising agency before joining HarperCollins. In the summer of 2010 she made the move south to the beautiful city of Charleston, S.C. to work as a free-lance designer. See more of her work online at torborgdavern.com. After having the pleasure of working with her for a bit, she invited us to call her by her nickname — Tobs. We like to call her “Tobs Terrific,” because she is.

Email: torborg.davern@gmail.com

sally weber


Sally A. Weber is an inveterate reader. Anything that comes across her plate she devours with Manichean glee. Being a native of the wooly winters of Michigan, Weber happily consumes what lands in the slush pile with a ferocity that belies her mild-mannered ways. Point is, if you send us a manuscript we didn’t ask for, Weber is likely to read it. So be nice and follow her rules (See submission guidelines).

E-mail: sally@jogglingboardpress.com

Susan Kammeraad-Campbell
Publisher / Editor-in-Chief

Susan Kammeraad-Campbell is founder and publisher of Joggling Board Press. As editor-in-chief, she has guided all JBP titles from concept to print including many top national award-winning books: Code of the Forest (2012), Carnival of Destruction (2012), The Unexpected Visitor (2010),Dead Weight (2009), Transfer of Grace (2007) and many more. She also is an award-winning author and journalist. Her book, Doc: The Story of Dennis Littky and His Fight for a Better School (Contemporary Books 1988; Plume 1989; ASCD 2006) became an NBC movie of the week called “A Town Torn Apart.” As a journalist, she worked for United Press International, and for newspapers in the Midwest and New Hampshire, serving as a news reporter, dance critic and editorial writer. She is an occasional theater critic for the Charleston Post and Courier. For five years, she served as director of publications for the Medical University of South Carolina, including editor in chief of a 110,000-circulation magazine, the largest circulation magazine in the South Carolina Lowcountry.

In addition, Susan has worked on initiatives with Miami University, the College of Charleston, Charleston Southern University, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Recently, she worked as a research associate with the Community and Regional Resilience Institute (CARRI), administered by Oak Ridge National Laboratory and funded by DHS. Kammeraad-Campbell was a key player in the case study evaluating and developing the resilience of Charleston, S.C., and in the development of a national common framework for resilience. Go to www.resilientus.org.

russell L. Mccollom iii

senior Editor

Russ’s puckish and prolific nature produces prose that will make you stop stirring your coffee so you can pick up your jaw and smile, cry, quiver or guffaw. He’s got a nose for prose as sensitive as a sommelier and as tenacious as a bloodhound. If ideas are trapped in incomplete sentences, meandering paragraphs, mismatched metaphors, droning style, Russ will ferret them out, punch them up and make everyone want to read them.

Russ has a fascination for most everything, which has led him down many paths professionally and personally. The first several decades of his career he worked in Michigan as a newspaper reporter at the Detroit News and Free Press, as a reporter and photojournalist for the Anchor Bay Beacon and the Grand Haven Tribune. He is a life-long amateur astronomer, is studying the wacky world of quantum mechanics (which he says gets stranger every day), has read Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake four times (the first time took 12 years) and Ulysses more than 20 times. These life-long studies have all fueled the engines of practical originality, that have manifested in what he sardonically refers to as his “poetry.”


james kirk

Platform development director

James Kirk’s career has spanned radio, television news, and internet communications. While living in Seattle for nearly twelve years he built and operated data centers in three U.S. markets while developing a passion for coffee. In 2009 he moved to South Carolina and opened two coffee bars in Columbia. Kirk is now a freelance writer and co-producer of Storyboard America.


william Campbell

general support

William R. Campbell, Ph.D., is a political scientist with a flair for the absurd and a knack for what matters. His skills are diverse (he speaks four languages), as is his ability to aid and abet the vagaries of a small, but feisty, independent press. If you call JBP, he is likely the one to answer. Word to the wise: beware.

E-mail: bill@jogglingboardpress.com

The Joggling Board Press Team

Shanna mcGarry


The multi-talented Shanna McGarry has that rarest of human minds of free-ranging mastery of a spectrum of abilities that are as divergent as they are of great value to a publishing house with needs as polymorphous as they are multitudinous. The hats she has worn are many, such that we have a special rack within close reach for her to swivel and swap one hat for another, sometimes two at a time. Since  joining JBP in 2006, she has served has as director of sales and general manager, marketing director, distribution manager, editor, copywriter, CFO and, no kidding, designer. Indeed, it is this last of her colorful palette of talents that Shanna is focusing upon as JBP enters a new growth cycle that most assuredly could not have happened without her.

Shanna is a graduate of Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. Prior to moving to Charleston in 2004 to pursue a career in graphic design, she worked as an account executive at Lindstrom Beatty Public Relations, where she served a distinguished roster of arts and non-profit clients and helped create and launch the Women’s Resource Fairs marketing cooperative in several Chicago-area communities. While in-house graphic designer at the South Carolina Historical Society, Shanna earned a 2007 Graphic Design USA award for her production of the membership publicationCarologue, and her personal photography has won recognition in the Charleston City Paper’s Annual Photo Contest.

E-mail: shanna@jogglingboardpress.com