Praise for Reefer Moon

“Coastal activist, novelist, and give ‘em hell writer of environmental essays, Roger Pinckney is our Tom Payne of the tides, and this time he’s really done it – Midnight in the Garden of Kiss my Ass ”

                                        JOHN LANE, author of Chattooga and Circling Home

“Nobody knows the South Carolina Lowcountry like Roger Pinckney, hunter, fisher and voodoo man. He’s the real thing. When Pinckney writes about love on a moonlit beach, you know he’s been there. Facing down a wild boar in a briar patch, you know he’s been there too. “Reefer Moon” is a cry for wild places, on the earth and in the heart. Unforgettable! Roars with life! ”

                                         DOROTHEA BENTON FRANK, New York Times Bestselling Author of Lowcountry Tales, including Sullivan’s Island


“For the soft sleepy islands that graze the coast of South Carolina, Roger Pinckney is the sure-enough lightning, his writing like the ozone crackle of the drown-you-in-the-ditch thunderstorm that blows in just ahead of a hurricane full of drug runners and real-estate developers and decent people trying to stay that way in a damned indecent world. ”

                                              JAMES R. BABB, Editor, Gray’s Sporting Journal

reefer moon

by Roger Pinckney

2009, 208 pages
isbn-13: 978-0981873589

reefer moon

by roger pinckney

Yancey Yarboro is home from the war and growing tomatoes on his father's ground. Susan Drake, married, beautiful and neglected, lives in a beach house not far away. They have never met, at least not yet. When real estate developers come looking for land to expand a golf course, Yancey wonders if he is about to lose everything. But Yancey has four hundred pounds of marijuana salvaged from a dope run gone awry. And he has Gator Brown, near-sighted hoodoo doctor, whose spiritual machinations sometimes fly wide of the mark.

It's the Lowcountry of South Carolina. The jasmine is blooming and the moon and the magic are working overtime.

Roger Pinckney is the author of The Beaufort Chronicles, Blue Roots, The Right Side of the River, Little Glory, Signs and Wonders, and Seventh Son on Sacred Ground. He is senior editor of sporting classics magazine, a regular  contributor to Orion, Gray's Sporting Journal, and other quality outdoor magazines. Pinckney is a two-time winner of the SC Fiction Award.

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