Joggling Board Press accepts submissions from established and emerging writers of fiction and non-fiction, as well as photographers of talent. JBP has a special interest in works that explore the built and natural beauty of the American southeast, as well as its history, culture and character. While JBP accepts unsolicited/un-agented manuscripts, we prefer that you not submit simultaneously. If it is a simultaneous submission, please indicate that. Because we review everything we receive and our staff is small, initial responses may take up to 60 days. Gentle requests for progress reports are fine. We prefer electronic submissions for first round reviews, but may request a hard copy if the proposal advances to the next level of consideration. If photographs are part of the submission, include samples of the work on CD or as an attachment. If image files are large, CDs are preferred.

Book proposals should include each of the following:

  • Project summary
  • Status of the manuscript (Is the writing/photography complete?)
  • Target audience
  • Table of contents
  • Two to three sample chapters
  • Samples of illustrations, photographs, if appropriate
  • Author(s) biographical description, include previous publications if appropriate
  • Marketing opportunities.
    • Indicate availability and ability to promote and market work
    • Consider the marketplace. What kind of competition is out there?
    • Indicate if the work is topical – is there an event, commemoration or other opportunity that makes the work especially relevant?
    • Detail affiliations, groups, organizations with whom author has connections
    • Offer marketing ideas


Submission Guidelines 

If you are interested in editorial services, please see our Services page.