Praise for ​Swallow Savannah

“Ken Burger has long been my favorite sports columnist and now has written a humdinger of a novel! It’s got politics, treachery, rotten politicians and a swift moving plot. I think Mr. Burger is the first South Carolina novelist to explore the Savannah River country around Allendale and the bomb plant and he does it exceedingly well! ”

                                                      PAT CONROY, author of The Prince of Tides


“Clean prose. Deep slime. Ooze and ahs for Ken Burger’s riveting tale hewed from the backwoods and back rooms of a South Carolina he knows down deep. ”

                                                     GARY SMITH, senior writer at Sports Illustrated and author of Going Deep

Swallow savannah

by Ken Burger

2009, 232 pages
isbn-13: 978-0981873527
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2009 IPPY Silver Medal

Swallow Savannah

by Ken Burger

Swallow Savannah is the story of a rural southern community caught between one man's all-consuming ambition and the dawning reality of civil rights.

While Frank Finklea and his muckmates were sloughing trees out of the primal ooze, engineers in silver safety helmets stood off to the side drawing imaginary lines in the air. There was talk they were building the world’s biggest bomb factory. That’s why there was so much secrecy surrounding the project. The feds had bought up 300 square miles of rural South Carolina so it would have plenty of buffer if anything went wrong.

And there was plenty that could go wrong.

Ken Burger has been writing a nationally acclaimed sports column for The Post and Courier in Charleston, S.C., for 20 years. His journalism career has also included stints covering business and politics, including two years as the paper's Washington, D.C., correspondent. Burger has collected some of his pithiest sports columns in a book titled, Life Through The Earholes Of Our Youth.

Born and raised in the small town of Allendale, S.C., Burger graduated dead last in his class at the University of Georgia, has been married five times, is a gratefully recovering alcoholic, a cancer survivor, and a happy man.

Swallow Savannah is his first novel.

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