Praise for ​The Lazard Legacy

“Written with surgical precision and muscular prose. A great pleasure to read. It is a chilling, yet redeeming story of rough justice in a small Southern town. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys sharp curves and quick acceleration in a suspense novel. ”

                                      WILLIAM C. HARRIS, JR., author of Delirium of the Brave and No Enemy But Time

“Fascinating! Very entertaining and very fast paced. Reminds me of Stuart Woods without the oral sex. This would make a great movie. ”

                                      FERROL SAMS, author of Run With the HorsemenThe Whisper of the River and When All the World Was Young

the lazard legacy

by William Rawlings, Jr.

2005, 260 pages
isbn-13: 978-1891799365
Trade Paperback
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The lazard legacy

by William Rawlings, Jr.

“The Lazard Legacy” is the tale of Dr. Ben Pike—fed up with the big city and a relationship gone sour—who returns to his hometown hoping to rekindle relations with his estranged family—the wealthy and powerful Lazards, who have dominated these parts for generations.

A series of inexplicable deaths and a beautiful woman’s cry for help soon transform Ben’s peaceful dream into a nightmare as he seeks to uncover the truth behind his legacy in this gripping tale of psychological suspense and all-consuming evil.

In this gratifying thriller, Rawlings—himself a small-town Georgia doctor—spins a masterful tale of murder, deceit, lust and treachery set in a remote corner of the Deep South. The novel has more twists and turns than a summer tornado and will make anyone think twice before relocating to a strange country town.

William Rawlings, Jr. was born and raised in "The Center of the Universe"—Sandersville, Georgia—where he still lives and practices medicine when he’s not busy growing pine trees, traveling, restoring old buildings or writing books.

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