The Mile High Club is a breathtaking sprint from intriguing start to frantic finish. I picked the book up one evening and finished it less than twenty-four hours later—a mad dash inspired by an insatiable desire to know what had happened and what was going to happen. William Rawlings is at his best in the satisfying whodunit. ”

                                               DAN ROPER, Editor/Publisher, Georgia Backroads Magazine

the mile high club

by William Rawlings

2009, 308 pages
isbn-13: 978-1934144763
Trade Paperback
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The Mile High Club

by William rawlings

In The Mile High Club, best-selling Georgia novelist William Rawlings has brought the reader the latest Matt Rutherford adventure.  When the naked body of a former girlfriend is discovered in the forest miles from the nearest road, no one can figure how she got there—until the discovery of a plane crash some thirty miles away containing her ID and a naked male body….  In a fast moving tale involving corporate greed, cutting edge research in biofuels, private jets and small town politics, plus the mysterious death of a seemingly innocent woman, Matt is drawn deeper into a web of deception that eventually threatens his very existence.

Rawlings is a great storyteller, penning a tumultuous tale that ranges from the forests of rural Georgia to the penthouses and luxury condos of metropolitan Atlanta. With a sharp pen and even sharper wit, he has created believable characters in a carefully crafted plotline that will keep the reader guessing until the very end. Rawlings’s books are intelligently written, and consistently described as true “page-turners.”

William Rawlings, Jr. was born and raised in "The Center of the Universe"—Sandersville, Georgia—where he still lives and practices medicine when he’s not busy growing pine trees, traveling, restoring old buildings or writing books.

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