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Dr. Naseeb Baroody's life work in medicine began in undergraduate work at The Citadel in Charleston, S.C., was postponed for service in the Army during WWll , then continued at Texas A&M. He acquired medical degrees and post graduate training from Hahnemann in Philadelphia, Pa. and MUSC in Charleston, S.C. In 1954 he opened a medical practice in Florence, S.C., which developed into a large practice in internal medicine. His life work in photography began early in his life with a passion for black and white images. As a child, the technical and artistic aspects of photographic expression fascinated him. Beginning with the classic Baby Brownie and progressing into medium and large format cameras, N.B. honed his craft through workshops with legendary teachers such as Ansel Adams, John Sexton and Bruce Barnbaum.

Praise for ​The Unexpected Visitor

“N.B. Baroody has had a passion for photography since childhood. But to passion he adds the eye of an artist, the skill of a technician, the insight of a poet and a heart for the Creator, whose words he clearly portrays. This book is a gem. ”

                                             D. STUART BRISCOE, author of more than ninety books and founder of Telling the Truth ministries

The Unexpected Visitor combines expressive photography with inspirational narratives. This synergism of images and words will speak to your heart. ”

                                              TOM FOX, photographer and coauthor of “The Nature of Excellence”

“Naseeb is both a gentleman and a gentle man. He has a subtle sense of humor and irony yet the milk of human kindness runs in his veins. All of these qualities are seen in his photographs … ”

                                              BRUCE BARNBAUM, master photographer, writer, environmentalist

the unexpected visitor

by N.B. Baroody, MD and M.H. Baroody

2010, 96 pages
isbn-13: 978-0981873596
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​2011 Bronze IPPY - Spiritual/Inspirational

​2010 Foreword Book of the Year

the unexpected visitor

by N.B. Baroody, MD, & M.H. Baroody

The Unexpected Visitor is a stunning collection of black and white photographs and inspirational passages that takes the reader on a journey of discovery, surprise and faith. The photographs were taken over a period of more than half a century by physician N.B. Baroody, who traveled the world in recent years with his wife Margaret doing medical mission work. The book shares moments of their life journey together, their bond of connection and love that is both personal and universal.

The Unexpected Visitor builds on the Baroodys’ first book, In Search of His Image (2007). Sadly, he died before the publication of The Unexpected Visitor.

Margaret’s tender observations about life and living are as insightful as they are revelatory. Hers is a voice of inspiration. “Margaret's presentation was wonderful,” says Francie Dunlap, development officer for the Friends of the Florence County Library. “It was one of the best programs that we have ever had.”

Margaret H. Baroody has been a homemaker, foster parent, community volunteer, licensed social worker and teacher, teaching at Francis Marion University and King’s Academy, a private high school. Her passion for art
is mirrored in her love of the written word. It was with great care that she and N.B. selected the passages for the book and shared a more personal narrative.

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