Gary Geboy's quarter of a century in photography and cinematography have taken him around the world -- from Peace Corps documentaries in Kyrgyzstan to a National Gallery of Art exhibit piece on the Olmecs of ancient Mexico.

He specializies in enviromental portraits from around the globe and in his new backyard -- the South Carolina Lowcountry. His work can be seen at the Smithsonian's Rock and Soul Museum in Memphis, Tennessee, the National Park Service visitor center at the Manzanar National Historic Site in California and the Kings Mountain National Military Park in Blacksburg, South Carolina.

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Praise for Transfer of Grace

“Oh, the beauty of the land and water! Captured by Gary Geboy’s sharp and loving eye, spoken of in Teresa Bruce’s lyric commentary, we are compelled not only to stand in awe of the Lowcountry’s unique beauty, but also to work to preserve it. This book is a feast for the eyes and food for the soul!”

                                               LOIS BATTLE, author of StoryvilleThe Florabama Ladies’ Auxiliary & Sewing CircleBed & Breakfast

“The photography and words that make up Transfer of Grace reflect a rare and gifted sensitivity to the southern soul in synchrony with nature. Gary Geboy’s black and white photographs humbly approach and record the sacred grounds of the Gullah Praise Houses and spiritual legacies of those who lived in the Lowcountry. The brilliant, haunting narrative by Teresa Bruce flows in harmony with these images, making this an outstanding and mesmerizing book.”

                                               JONATHAN GREEN, artist

Transfer of Grace offers a languid view of a time that appears past. Geboy’s images capture the thickness of the air; you can almost feel the humidity rising in the soft glow. It is bittersweet. Sadly, the places captured in this exquisite book are fast disappearing. The text carries the ache of that loss.”

                                               GERARDINE WURZBURG, Academy Award-winning documentarian


“I’ve often envied those gifted artists, writers, actors and the like who effortlessly merge the fleeting, the ethereal, and the intangible with profound, articulate, and astute expression — whether through words, paintings, or even movement. Acclaimed photographer Gary Geboy, who specializes in environmental subjects, joins efforts with talented Beaufort-based writer Teresa Bruce to produce this lyrical homage to Lowcountry scenes, accompanied by a framable print. Geboy’s sensitive, seductive, and haunting black-and-white photos, along with Bruce’s simple but keenly observant words, alternately brought a nostalgic smile to my face, swelled my heart with pride, and welled my eyes with tears. I encourage you to take the same emotional journey with these priceless photos and their attendant prose.”

                                               ELLE McGEE, Editor’s Pick, Charleston Magazine

Transfer of grace

by Teresa Bruce & Gary Geboy

2008, 122 pages
isbn-13: 978-0975349821
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​Gold ADDY Award

​AIGA Design Award

transfer of Grace

by teresa bruce & Gary Geboy

The pages of Transfer of Grace carry some of the most mysterious, meditative, lyrical images ever created of the South Carolina Lowcountry.

Photographer Gary Geboy has a gift for capturing the spirit of a place, those images that might easily pass us by. To look at his black and white photographs is to glimpse the fleeting presence of places that are passing out of currency – some through neglect, some through development.

Geboy’s images give one pause to linger, as do the words of author Teresa Bruce, whose writing voice is as captivating as Geboy’s images.

The rare partnership between Geboy and Bruce is an homage to the hidden aspects of this mysterious Lowcountry world, a melding that allows for its own transfer of grace.

Teresa Bruce first reached national audiences through PBS. Her documentary "God's Gonna Trouble the Water," won a CINE Golden Eagle and praise from TV critic John Leonard. 

Her first book, the narrative for "Transfer Of Grace," is in its second edition by Joggling Board Press of Charleston, SC. The collaboration of fine art photography and prose was Charleston Magazine's "Editor's Pick" and was featured on the CBS Morning Show.

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